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About Adventure Experience

Adventure Experience Tourism L.L.C is a specialist for Desert Safari in Dubai, UAE and provides unforgettable memories.

The unique founding couple, a combination of many years of professional safari experience on the one hand and German quality background on the other, offers you the real desert experience.

We will give you an idea of WHY we are the right choice for you. We interviewed Wahid, the Head of Adventure Experience Tourism.

Q: "Wahid, since when do you live in Dubai?"

Wahid: “I live in Dubai for 15 years. I came to help my father, who owned a transportation company at this time.”

Q: "How did you go in touch with the desert?"

Wahid: "I went in my spare time in the desert and started from my own exploring everything. It was and is still one of my favourite places. The desert has her special beauty and own character depends on the daytime. I love to be there."

Q: "Why did you start your own company?"

Wahid: "After a while, I started to work as a safari guide, now over 12 years ago. I decided on this profession because I had the rare chance to do my hobby as my job. I was a freelancer. I loved my job, but it was always my dream to start my own company. I believe that nothings happen by accident. I met the right person who had the same passion for the desert and the right background to start a new Desert Safari company with me. And here we are (smiling)."

Q: "What is the difference to you? Why should we book with you?"

Wahid: "The main difference is that we are real, honest and no pardon in the point quality. Quality first! Our love for the desert and high-quality products are our drivers. Look, the majority of our guests came to Dubai for vacation. What would be your expectation on your booked Experience or Desert Adventure? You want to enjoy the trip, you want fun, you want to learn about Dubai, and you want memorable memories. Right?"

Q: "How do you do that?"

Wahid: "The details make a big difference. I give you three examples.
First: in shared tours, you have per car capacity of 7 seats (plus your licensed guide). We decided that our cars will never be “fully packed”, except you request for that (e.g. a small group/big family and they want to enjoy in one car together). Secondly: Sandboarding is always part of our packages. Most importantly: we have the real Sandboards. Thirdly: for our evening Safaries we go to strictly selected desert camps which match our quality standards. Yes, there are differences. We work only with the best camps, where you will enjoy the finish of your Safari day. The rest is my secret (smiling)."